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Minneapolis, MN 55413

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The Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) holds an annual show for the Photography and Digital Imaging students to present their portfolios. These portfolios are the culmination of all the skills they have learned throughout their time in this amazing program. You will see that each student has developed their own unique creative style and area of focus.

Throughout all phases and coursework within the two-year program, the MCTC Photography and Digital Imaging faculty expect commitment and passion from their students. The curriculum encourages individualized expression through hands-on assignments and personalized instruction. Upon graduation, students leave the program with a beautiful professional portfolio and a working knowledge of the photography industry.

Special Thanks

What a great group of instructors!  We appreciate everything you’ve done, to help us learn the art and technique of photography.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, for your quiet patience and for your never-ending encouragement.  Now, we’re ready to graduate and to make our way in this exciting world of photography…

A big thank you to:
Paul Sinkler Randy Johnson
Tim Gray Peter Koeleman
Kristine Heykants Marilyn Indahl
Craig McNitt
Gif of graduating class